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Zeiss Projectors    Zeiss Ikon Model W26615 - 16 mm       Zeiss Ikon Movilux 8 mm - 1959    Zeiss Ikon Kinox N375 - 16 mm
                                                                         Zeiss Ikon Kinox W38553 - 16 mm        Zeiss Ikon 16 mm - 1943 (Fl.)       Zeiss Ikon 16 mm - 1943

                                                          Carl Zeiss Jena Model SK16 -16 mm       Carl Zeiss Jena TK Model 16/501/A        Carl Zeiss Jena 16 mm Sound projector


A short history of  the Company Carl Zeiss cine cameras

The Internationale Camera Actiengesellschaft (ICA)was founded in 1909 through the fusion of the following four photo companies in Dresden:
 -  Hüttig AG,
 -  Kamerawerk Dr. Krügener,
 -  Wünsche AG, 
 - and Zeiss-Palmos Camerabau.
The Company group Zeiss Ikon (ZI, Zeiss IKON AG) was founded in autumn 1926 through the fusion of the following German Camera Manufacturers:
 - Internationale Camera Actiengesellschaft (ICA),Dresden,
 - Optische Anstalt C. P. Goerz, Berlin,
 - Contessa-Nettel, Stuttgart, ( In 1920 fusion of: Nettel Camerawerk, Sontheim, and Contessa Camerawerk, Stuttgar as Contessa-Nettel AG, Stuttgar),
 - Ernemann-Werke, Dresden,
 The Carl Zeiss was the Owner of the Zeiss Ikon company, and was the instigator of the fusion. A few years later in 1927 & 1928 the following companies merged into the Zeiss IKON AG Group:
 - AG Hahn für Optik und Mechanik, Kassel (1927),
 - Goerz Photochemische Werke, Berlin (1928).

The Zeiss IKON AG was based in Stuttgart and Berlin, and the headquarters of Zeiss IKON AG was in Dresden.



Factory Zeiss Ikon for web



                          This picture was taken inside the Zeiss Ikon A.-G., Dresden factory, in 1934.
           Photo courtesy of “picture and Sound” magazine issue No 4 published in 1934 (in our collection).



Zeiss Ikon - Model W26615 - 16 mm Projector  / - omz 0 to 136 / Power 110 to 250 / Lamp 100w  First model from Zeiss. The projector came to the market in 1931.
The spool capacity is 120 m of film.
Production numbers: 21685.


Zeiss Ikon 16 mm W26615 for web






Carl Zeiss Jena - Model SK16 - 16 mm silent / 
 - Kipronar lens 1:1,4 / F=50mm
Production No: 41472


Carl Zeiss Jena 16mm silent W41472 (2) for web






Carl Zeiss Jena-TK Model 16/501/A -16 mm - Sound /
 - Lens: Carl Zeiss Jena; Kipronar 1:1,4;  F=50mm T. The lens is coated.
Production No 71732.


Carl Zeiss Jena 16mm sound for web






Carl Zeiss Jena Projector 16 mm - Sound -1950s Green 
 - Lens Carl Zeiss Jena - Prokinar 1,4/35T. The lens is coated.
Production No: 79268 / (1) 37-259-1001 /


Carl Zeiss Jena 16mm sound No79268 for web






Zeiss Ikon-8 mm  Model: Movilux - 1959-early 1959 on sale in Germany
Made in Germany by Zeiss Ikon AG.
The projector looks like a small neat suitcase, extremely small - only 7 x 10 in. It is built into one half of a die-cast case. A protecting covers are made from plastic. The covers were produced in four colours: white, blue, light red and green. Our projector is in green.
It is the first model of Movilux, only three buttons are fitted with toggle switch: 1. off, 2. on with illumination 3. and on without light. Later models were fettled with four plastic buttons in three colours.
 - Lens: Carl Zeiss Nr 2674822 P-Sonar 1:1,3 f=20 mm ;- multicoated; the projection lens is from 6- elements;
 - Lamp 8v 50 w;
 - speeds: 16, 18 and 24 frames per second;
 - synchronous motor; noiseless constant speed; lubrication is not required as the mechanism is provided with a permanent lubrication system;
 - The front half of the gate is sprung, and there is fixed edge guiding on the non perforated side; the front part can be removed, complete with lens, for cleaning;
 - The claw engages perforation 2; the two 12-tooth sprockets have fixed roller type retainers;
 - The spool arms, which fold over for storage, have capacity 400 ft;
 - the spool arms are ready for projection after unscrewing the top screw and fitted vertically; the film is running from supply spool under the lamp house to take up spool.
 - The transformer is tapped for 110; 125; 150; 220; and 240 mains
Production No 36.0031/P 82819.


Zeiss Ikon Movilux 8mm 15%for web






Zeiss Ikon - Kinox Model N375  - 16 mm silent - 1937
 - Model No: W431
 - Lens Kinostar / = S1:1,8 F=5cm
 - Ext motor 100/140V  /  210/250V
 - Lamp 75V - 375W /
Production No: 1558/50


Zeiss Ikon-Kinox 16mm W437 for web






Zeiss Ikon Kinox - Model W38553 - 1935 16 mm
 The projector is made in the form of a suitcase, self contained. The lamp when out of use is inside the casing.
The projector features:
- Lens Proj-Anastigmat ‘’Alinar”’ 1:1,4 - F=5cm.
 - Micrometer focusing;
 - Shows stills;
 - Motor air blower provides ample cooling;
 - Lamp fitting 375 Watts;
 - Power 110 to 220;
 - Reverse projection at will.
The model came to the market in 1932.


Zeiss Ikon 16mm W38553 (2) for web






Zeiss Ikon 16 mm -  1943 (Fl.)
Production No: W. 29205
The projector was built up in 1943, the year is engraved on the projector.
The body is die cast,
with integral texture finished in gray enamel with polished parts.
Presumably the projector was used in Luftwaffe - air force, during the war. The Luftwaffe plate is lost, should be fitted under the Zeiss Ikon logo - as Fl. 140201.

                                  Zeiss Ikon 16mm NoW.29205 adjustment knobs; 10% Pict.1

The projector has  a lot of information drawing on the door: how to thread the film; which points must be often oiled; screen image sizes in meters; lens focal length.

 Zeiss Ikon 16mm NoW.29205 instruction on the front door; 10%Zeiss Ikon 16mm NoW.29205 lens focal lenght ; 10%Pict.2
Feathers of the projectors:
- Lens: Zeiss Ikon A.-G.Dresden; Proj.- Anastigmat “Alinar” 1: 1,4 f=5 cm; the lens is a sleeve fit into the focusing mount.
- Speed: variably speed control: Forward, revers; Slow, fast; on, off - Pict 1.
- Lamp: 115 V 500 W; A1/7; lamp house easily remove. Control lamp amperage:

           Zeiss Ikon 16mm NoW.29205 light knob; 8% Zeiss Ikon 16mm No29205, amp 8%  Pict. 3
-  Power:   110V or 230 if is the resistance box plugged in. Unfortunately, we do not have a resistance box,

            Zeiss Ikon 16mm NoW.29205 'instruction; 8% Pict. 4 Port for ballast resistor or transformer.
-  Belt drive: V belt drive and four metal chains.
-  The spool capacity: 250 m (800 ft)
-  Sprockets: double teeth sprocket for the silent film; inching knob on the back side of the projector.
-  Claw mechanism: No claw for film transport, but uses a Maltese cross activated sprocket at the bottom of film gate.
-  Shutters: three blades shutter.

           Zeiss Ikon 16mm NoW.29205 three shutter blades; 10%  Pict. 5 three blades shutter
-  Gate:

           Zeiss Ikon 16mm NoW.29205 instruction for the film; 8%  Pict. 6 the gate

-  Silent projector.
- Adjustable feet in the front of the projector.


Zeiss Ikon 16mm NoW.29205 opened the front; 10%


Zeiss Ikon 16mm NoW.29205 the front; 8%

                      The front side of the projector

Zeiss Ikon 16mm NoW.29205 the back; 8%

                      The back side of the projector






Zeiss Ikon 16 mm -  1943
The projector was built up in 1943, the year engraved on the projector, as above model.
The features are the same as the projector described above. The shutter is different, it is two blades shutter.

                      Zeiss Ikon 16mm No W.29296; two blades shutter; 10%

The previous owner made an instruction plate, in English language for the running knobs.
Unfortunately, the projector does not have a lens.

 Zeiss Ikon 16mm No W.29296; the last owner instruction; 8%Zeiss Ikon 16 mm No W.29296;8%

Production No: W.29296


Zeiss Ikon 16mm No W.29296; the back side; 8%






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