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About Anna and Terry Vacani

Based in Herne Bay, England; Terry Vacani is equipped with an extensive knowledge of old binoculars. A living library, he is respected as being a quotable source and is regularly consultant by collectors around the world.

His fascination with what was to become his career occurred on his seventh birthday when he received a binocular from his father as a present.  Since that time his enthusiasm and interest for old optics, binoculars and telescopes, has helped generate hundreds of new collectors around the world.




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In literature Terry's knowledge and experience has been quoted by; Dr. Hans Seeger from Germany; Dr Stephen Rohan from California, Robert Gregory MA and William Reid from the UK. All are authors of books about binoculars.

Terry’s other passion is cine cameras and projectors. The first camera in Terry’s family was bought when he was twelve years old, but before his thirteenth birthday, he had it pulled to bits to see how it worked. His Mum and Dad weren’t that happy at the time, but it was an invaluable act of vandalism as far as education went.

Seemingly an unavoidable consequence of marrying him; Terry’s wife, Anna, eventually submitted to the collector’s passion and now, in her own right, has a considerable collection of cameras. The only collection difference being, Terry prefers large binoculars, the bigger the better, while Anna favours unusual antique cameras and rare binoculars.

Together their interests have become a passion and they welcome you to their site.

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