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Questions asked by Cine Collectors

Questions asked by Binoculars Collectors



     Serial Numbers specifics

We are receiving many questions from visitors of our web site. We have decided to publish some of them. We think it will be interesting for collectors to read the questions and the answers.
The answers often are consulted with other experts.

We would like to explain an issue of the Production Numbers.  It was named by some factories as a Serial Production Number as well.

At the end of the 19th Century nearly all factories which were produced the binoculars and optical stuff began to engrave the serial numbers on their items. Some factories made a record of the numbers. Many enthusiasts and collectors of the optical items began to search for those documents in some factories archives.  The list of the production numbers are published in many books and internet web sites.   In this way it is possible to find out approximately year when a binocular in a collection was produced.
At present not all the number list are complete and some need revision, but the researches are in progress.  

The same technique of production numbers began to apply the factories produced the cine items.  Unfortunately, as far as today, nobody from cine field applied a research for the serial numbers.

We are giving the production number of our cine items, because we hope that someday the list of those numbers will be published. We would like as well to give as many information about an item, as possible.  

We have noticed that some visitors of our web site are confused with those numbers.  We are receiving some questions with a production number as a part of description of a particular model of camera or projector. It is necessary to divide these two fields: model name – sometimes included a number and a production number.