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Ask The Expert


If you have any uncertainties about buying a collectable optical instrument from private source or other, help is at hand. Terry is happy to offer his advice on any optical issues you might have.

This can be particularly helpful if you have any concerns about optics damage or replacement parts.

If you are able to e-mail a photo of the problem, so much the better. Please (click here) to send.

Either way, we are here to help and look forward to your correspondence.




Terry for web 25%



When you have an exceptional binocular that needs a service, contact Terry Vacani for his opinion.

Trusted by the best, Terry’s services include:

Cleaning glasses in your binocular. 

Re-cement objectives and oculars. 

Correction of the collimation. 

Binocular optics replacement parts.

Scratches on optic surfaces are often removable. Ask Terry if your binoculars can be polished and scratches removed to enhance new blooming. Multicoating service is not available. 

It has to be add the information, that described binoculars were completely and professionally serviced by Terry Vacani, in following parts of our web site:
       - In Unusual Parts:
                - page 3 - 10 x 80 multicoated
                    - page 4 - Zeiss 3 x 20 Teleplast and a comparison
                    - page 5 - Kriegsmarine Carl Zeiss - eug 10 x 80; 80 degrees

      - In the articles parts:
               - 7 x 50 for signalling lamp
                   - U.D.F. by Anna and Terry Vacani
                   - 25 x 100 binoculars
                   - 8 x 60 Carl Zeiss Deck Mounted
                   - Avimo prototype 7x42 and military model

        - In The News in the Binoculars World

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