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35 mm Arriflex camera and others


Arriflex camera 35 mm Production No 1707

The camera was design before the war in 1937. As the single lens reflex camera come into the market in 1937 and was presented, in Germany, at the Leipzig exhibition.
It was the first reflex film camera built up before the war.
Our camera has three lenses produced by Schneider - Kreuznach:
1). Schneider - Kreuznach No 1944801  Xenon 1:2 F= 85 mm; The lens was produced in 1942. *
2). Schneider - Kreuznach No 1866125 Xenon f: 2,3 F= 5 cm;  The lens was produced in 1942.
3). Schneider - Kreuznach No 10 537 592 Arriflex-Cine-Xenon 1:2/75; The lens was produced in 1967.
The camera has a spare lens: Carl Zeiss No 2286267 Sonar 1:4 f= 135 mm.

* The production date has been published by Jos. Schneider Optische Werke.

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Arriflex camera 35 mm Production No 1971
Our camera is fitted with three lenses made by different producers:
1). Schneider - Kreuznach No 3846620, Xenon 1:2/50; The lens was produced in 1952.
2). Carl Zeiss No 1128907, Sonar 1:2 F= 85 mm;
3). Aprochromat Kinoptik Paris No 34579, 1/2 F= 28 mm.



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Kinamo N25 - ICA 35 mm, produced in 1921
In 1921 the technician and scientist Emanuel Goldberg (1881-1970) developed a small amateur, hand held film camera, called “Kinamo” for the Internationale Camera AG Dresden (Ica) - later Zeiss Ikon. In 1923 he equipped this camera with the spring mechanism.
The name Kinamo, derived from Goldberg’s early studies of Greek (kine) and Latin (amo), meant ‘I love movies’
The camera features:
 - Lens: ICA Akt. - Ges. “Dominar”; 1:3,5/ F=4 cm;
The film counter in meter;
 - It has twin sprockets film feed;
 - External fold view finder;
 -It has a button for making a punch mark in a film at the beginning of the film sequence
The camera contains the cassette of 25 meters of 35 mm film.
It is very compact 35 mm film camera.
Production serial number: 62835


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