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Bell & Howell Gaumont Model 613  Specto Type A  Siemens Model 2000  Kodak Kodascope Model C
  Ampro Model Imperial     Stewart Warner Model 537-A      B&H Model A 1655      Pathe Joinville 2 proj.      B&H Model 2592              B&H Model 1695 A 2 proj.


Bell & Howell - Gaumont Model 613
The projector is made in late 1940’s.
The projector features:
- Die-cast body;
- Folding arms of 800 ft capacity;
- Spring belt driven;
- Gate has front sprung, aperture in rear, sprung edge-guiding and opens forward;
- Claw engages perforation - 1 and - 2 every third stroke, giving a quick pull-down;
- Non optical framing;
- Single bladed shutter of 142 degree is geared up 3 : 1, to give three obscurations per frame
   (equivalent to a 3 x 47 deg. shutter);
- Two 8 tooth sprockets with safe lock retainers;
- series motor, with friction speed control;
- Clutch and heat filter for stills;
- Switch for reverse run, two belts have to be moved over;
- Power rewind;
- Single sided sprockets and claw to enable sound films to be run silent.
Production No 784
The projector was made in England. It is the silent model.


B&Howell  - Gaumont 16 mm silent for web






Specto - Type A Number 5300 -Silent
The projector was made in Windsor England by Specto Ltd. This model was produced after the war.
Lens: Dallmeyer Super-lite Projection No 342737; F= 2’’
Production No D2342737


Specto 16 mm silent for web






Siemens (GR) 16 mm -Model 2000  - 1960’s 
The projector features:
- Pressure die-cast body;
- 2000 ft spool capacity;
- Lens: Astro-Kino-Color IV 1:1,4 - 35 mm - lightly bloomed;
- Power 220v.
 Made in Germany. Optical sound projector.


Siemens 16mm optical sound for web






Kodak Kodascope model C - 16 mm - 110V / 1924
 Production No 2683, very common model.
First one came out in 1924 to 1929 /
Power:  100v / 150W.
Made in USA by Eastman Kodak Co. Rochester NY.  Silent projector.


Kodascope model C, 16mm silent No2683 for web






Ampro - 16 mm Silent / Model: Imperial
The projector was produced in England after the war.
 The projector features:
 - Power; 110v;
 - 1600 ft arms - unusual.
Production No: K 158. Silent projector.


Ampro 16mm No K158 silent for web






Stewart Warner 16 mm / 1931 / Model -537-A /
  The projector features:
 - Power: 110v / Lamp 500w /
 - Lens made by The Wollensak optical Co. Rochester, USA
Made in USA / Production No: 6497 . Silent projector.


Stewart Warner 16mm Model No E-94812 silent(2) for web






Bell & Howell Model A 1655 Specialist TQII  16 mm Filmsound /.
 The projector features:
 - Lens: Bell & Howell made in England; Superproval 2inches/L4.
Serial No 3348027; The projector made in Japan. Optical sound projector.


Bell&Howell 16mm optical sound for web






Pathe Joinville - 16 mm / - 1950’s
The projector was made in the early 1950’s.
The projector features:
 -Lens ANGENIEUX Paris F50.1:1,6;
Production No: 050360. Sound  projector. 


Pathe Joinville 16mm sound No050360 for web






Pathe Joinville / 1950
The projector features:
 - Lens: P.ANGENIEUX Paris 1:1.7 F50;
 - The power 220v
 - The arms attached to the box.

Made in France.
Production No: 040248 /   Silent projector.


Pathe Joinville 16mm silentNo 040248 for web






Bell & Howell - 16 mm / Model 2592 AX  - 1979
The projector was produced by Bell & Howell a Chicago factory, in 1979. *)
The projector is built upon an inverted box-like base, a sturdy light alloy die-casting. Upon this is built the vertical frame, supported by: the sides and top. The mechanism itself is on a flat alloy main panel, with the film-path on one side and the ‘works’ on the back. Two sides and the top is built from plastic moulding. The projector is finished in dark gray colour.
The machine produced very little excess light and heat, and there is not the same need for unobstructed ventilation.
The weight is about 34 lb.
The amplifier printed circuit board is housed within the underside of the base casting.
The projector features:

 - The power 220/240 volt mains:
 -  Lens: Bell & Howell, made in Japan - 2 inch/51mm;  F/1,2;
 -  Running speed 24 fps;
 -  The two Speakers in the box are made in Japan; amplifier output is 20w of audio power;
 -  Two sprocket film path, with the film meeting the second sprocket twice, once on the top and again on the bottom of the sprocket, as the equivalent of using three sprockets (earlier version model 601);

 - It takes 2,000 ft standard size reel on 16 mm;
 - The model uses the neat cloth belt drive for driving the take up reel (first used on some of the prewar models); Spools drives are via gear driver within the spool arms.
 - The control switch for: running of the machine and amplifier; two position for turned lamp on - ‘Normal Brightness’ and ‘Extra Bright’;

 - It is fitted with tungsten-halogen quartz lamp - the American designed ELC lamp;
 - The fitted mirror throws a fairly tight gate spot on the back of the gate;
 - The picture gate opens 180 degrees for cleaning and inspection;
 - The optical (photographic) sound track;
 - The still picture projection feature, when  the lever is over to ‘Still’ position.

 The projector is usable in the USA and Europe, without a transformer. 
Production No 5183047 - A sound model
*) It is delivered from ’”Test report” in ‘Movie Maker’ - February 1982.


Bell & Howell 16 mm model 2592 AX No5183047 A for web






Bell & Howell - 16 mm Modle 1695A/ Autoload TQIII Specialist.
  The projector features:

 - The power; 100/110/130/200/220/240/250volt mains:
 -  Lens: Bell & Howell, made in Japan - 2 inch/51mm;  F/1,2;
 -  The two Speakers in the box are made in Japan; amplifier output is 20w of audio power;
The projector is usable in the USA and Europe, without a transformer. 
/ Production No 9110037 -
A sound model, it was made in Japan. - The two Speakers in the box are made in Japan. 


Bell & Howell 16mm Model1695A no9110037 for web






Bell & Howell Filmosound - - made in Japan - model 1693 A / Autoload TQIII
The projector features:
power 100/ 110 130/ 200 / 220 / 240 / 250v;  power output 8 omz / 50 to 60 HST. 
Production numbers: 0175052 / Sound projector.


B&Howell 16 mm No 0175052 sound for web






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