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War time Magazines in our collection - all translation has done  by Google
                          I. German

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I.  Der Adler (The Eagle)
It was an another magazine published in many countries, during the WWII; Belgium; France; Portugal; Romania and Swiss.  The journal was published periodically, with the cooperation of the German Air Ministry.
In our collection we have only two numbers : 24 and 13:
 - No 24 edited in December 1940 - in German language;      

No24, Berlin,3 December 1940 - The Eagle; 15%

- No 13 published at 30 June 1942 - in French language.
In the number 24 - page 20&21 is publishes a report of a flying gunners training - “ ABC's of Air Force - Visits to a flying gunners School”

Visiting School for gun flyers;page 20,21;8%

page 20 with binoc;8%

page 20 “ MG-shooting on the state of the pilot school shooter; The gunner sits in the so-called 'loose freeze' the motion of the air contained in the aircraft to faithfully mimics and thereby creates conditions that allow the pilot has to be expected later in an emergency.”

page 21observation;8%

page 21 “ While the shooter on the silhouette of an airplane aims, the teachers observed through the glass shooting the hit”

                                         7x50 H Carl Zeiss binoculars:
Page 24 7x50H;8%
page 24 “For noncommissioned officers of the Air Force offers the possibility to be transferred to the Air Traffic Control, which is also a part of the Air Force after a few years of service as civil servants.”



                                                 The number 13, edited at 30 June 1942. This number is in French language.

No13, Berlin, 30 June 1942; 18%

On the first page is the picture -” Marshal Kesselring Commander of a fleet of air, after a conferences had in Bengasi, with Colonel General Cavallero, Chief of Staff of the Italian army.” (translated by Google)
This number is very interesting, it is given a report about television in a hospital - page 404.

                        “LA T√ČL√ČVISION”  TELEVISION
“All television sets were made ‚Äč‚Äčavailable to hospitals to bring some joy to soldiers convalescing. . The technique of these devices has been developed and perfected so that it can now possible to project a large television picture on to a screen and expanded sufficiently clear to be presented to large audiences.  First program television broadcasting station in Berlin was added to the Radio. It has already imposed by the interest and the diversity of programming and projections that it brings to the public. Our photo shows the inside of a television studio during a program devoted to the film Borsig”

                                                                                       Der Adler No24 Tv viewers;8%

After the war the design, of the projector pictured above, was further developed in Switzerland.
In the article it is given an explanation how the camera was working:
“A change of scene in the movie made – “Borsig" there only one television set that makes the two scenes alternating. Our picture was taken just as occurs the change of the scene. Reinforcement with the requirements of scenario, the unit No. 1 records the scene of the first plan that represents a dialogue between Borsig and "Mueller". The unit No II records, for its part, the scene of "Robson Hall."  Both devices run continuously and are now scenes right. In the studio manager, discussed Now fix a choice among the scenes which have been taken and which of the two scenes will be taken to be projected on the screen.”

                                   der Adler N024 tv;15%

Next was given a command:
“Complete silence! Only actions are in order for those who wish to express any order or any opinion. A sound, indeed, would be sufficient to disrupt the whole issue”
Der Adler No24 Tv silent;8%

Many technicians was working during a transmission, in the camera control room:

Der Adler No24 Tv lab;8%

The audience was silently watching in a television room:
                                                                                       Der Adler No24 Tv room;8%                          

Next report in this journal is: “A million miles of reconnaissance flights on the Eastern Front” page 388:

Der Adler No24 plane camera ;8%

In the picture description we are reading: “ The eye of the reconnaissance team. The warrant Officer who is responsible for the apparatus of "Photo-section" of a show throughout the winter, in many tricks in order to use the device in a temperature of 50 degrees below zero.”



                                                   II. Die  Wehrmacht No 25, 8 December 1943
The magazine was issued by the High Command of Wehrmacht.
Publisher "The Wehrmacht" K.-G. Berlin SW66, Sch√ľtzenstra√üe 18 25. Management: Berlin publishing house GmbH, Berlin SW 68; Printed in Germany.
In the Publisher's note we can read that the magazine was published for 7 years.
This journal contains a light reports from the front and in which way the soldiers have a brake.

The picture on the front page: “The gunner of a light field howitzer (artillery) checked, in a short quiet period, his sight device.  Soon he will be back up, through the cross hairs of the gun, look at the enemy.”

                                                                  In the picture 10 x 80 45
ňöbeh binoculars with the quick sight

Die Wehrmacht ,Berlin, 8 December 1943;12%


                                                      III. Flugzeugbau 15 February 1941 (Aircraft)
Flugzeugbau 15 Feb 1941;10%

Monthly magazine for the professional training of the aviation industry personnel.
Publisher: representative of the Reich Air Ministry for the aviation industry personnel.
The 1941 year was the first year of publishing this professional periodic.
The journal contains very professional articles often written by professors.                                                                                   
Articles are illustrated with many professional photographs and technical drawings. 

Flugzeugbau,page 21; 15%            Flugzeugbau,page 21; Rolls15%



                                            IV. Der Deutsche Sportflieger - February 1944 (The German sports plane)
Der Deutsche Sportflieger 1944;10%

It is a journal of the aviation. In the Publisher's note we read that the magazine was published for 11 years.
In this issue there are many practical articles such as: “The iced up aircraft” written by the engineer VON K. FORSTENBERG .
In addition, in the Modeling Corner are tips on how to build your own diesel engine.

 Der Deutsche Sportflieger 1944;(3) 10%                Der Deutsche Sportflieger 1944;(4) 10%                                              


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