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                            War time Magazines in our collection - all translation has done  by Google


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    “The Army at War Tunisia”

The magazine-book contains 63 pages.
It is a report of the Tunisian Campaign during the WWII.
The report begins on 8th November 1942, when the British and American Armed Forces under the command of General Eisenhower landed in North-West Africa.
The report ended at 7th May 1943, when the enemy troops unconditionally surrendered.

The army at war Tunisia 10%


The history of the Tunisian Campaign was prepared for the War Office by the Ministry of Information and published in 1944.
On the third page is a message to the readers invite them to hand the magazine to a Post Office.  The book will be sent to the members of the Forces to let them read about the military Campaign in Tunisia.
The price of the magazine was one shilling.

Tunisia Magazine !0%


The report includes many pictures, among them a meeting of an American and a British solders, with the 6x30 Bausch & Lomb type binoculars on their necks.

6x30 American binoculars-Bausch & Lomb  (2)15%






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