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                               Nederland            7 x 50 Nedinsco






7 x 50 Nedinsco Venlo - Nedelta  1955
The binocular was produced for Dutch army, by Nedinsco in Venlo Nederland. The short history of the Nedinsco factory you can read in the article “Gas Mask” - Unusual site page 8.
Nedinsco it is an abbreviation formed from - NEDERLANDSE INSTRUMENT COMPAGNIE.
After the WWII the factory was bought by Dutch industrialist - Gerard Beusker and the optical production was renewed. In 1953 the company became independent.
In 1950s the Company, among other items, was produced:
- 7 x 50 Nedelta binocular
- Telescopes.
The Nedinsco Nedelta binocular is based on the Zeiss 7 x50 model Binoctar. We made a test and it is the same angle of view as 7 x 50 Binoctem & Binoctar -  7,3 degree.
             1. External Features
The binocular body is made of aluminium alloy with green vulcanite covering. Other parts are made from very thick metal, including the objectives rings . Presumably, it gives weight to the binocular.
The binocular was produced in black and gray color, as well.
The eyecups are made of a hard plastic material. It has a ridge on the top for the filter to clip on.
As it is a military binocular each each eyepiece can be focused independently from -5 to +5 diopter.
Below of the diopter ring is a large returning ring.    
On the left plate there are engraved letters - M. v. O. (Ministerie van Oorlog) - Ministry of War and production number 3561 N. (Pict 2)
In 1959 the name of the Ministry was changed into M. v. D. (Ministerie van  Defencie) - Ministry of Defense.
On the right plate is engraved (Pict 3); the Nedinsco logo, designed after the war, the binocular name - Nedelta and magnification.
On both plates are mounted red air drying ports.
               2. Internal Features
Nedelta, it is Porro I optical construction. The optic is fully coated, on outside and inside of eye lenses and objectives. It is a single coat, MFG type.

    Nedinsco 7x50 green;12%1 Nedinsco 7x50 green obj;10%
Pict 5, 6; Nedinsco Venlo Nedelta 7 x 50 in our collection; © Anna Vacani

The Italian collector - Abramo Giusto, let us to publish the pictures of  his dissembled Nedinsco Nedelta binocular. We can see internal optical structure of the binocular: 

   Nedinsco desamblied2;35%
Pict ; Nedinsco Venlo Nedelta 7 x 50 from Abramo Giusto collection; © Abramo Giusto
   Nedinsco desamblied; 50%      Nedinsco desamblied prism;50%
Pict ; Nedinsco Venlo Nedelta 7 x 50 from Abramo Giusto collection; © Abramo Giusto

The construction is similar to the Carl Zeiss Jena 7x50 Binoctar early model.  There are added two fastening screws into the upper cover plates. The prisms have two groves (slots), which when it is mounted in the body, there is two small punch marks made on the metal prism seat (look at the above picture). The punch marks are locating  into the slots of the prisms to stop movement of the prisms.

This kind of mount was used in WWII time on Zeiss 7x50 models.  
In the left ocular is fitted a horizontal reticule with scale to 5 each side. 

            Nedinsco 7x50 green graticle;12%
Pict 7; Nedinsco Venlo Nedelta 7 x 50 in our collection; the reticule © Anna Vacani
The binocular gives a very bright and clear picture.
               3. The binoculars dimensions are:
Height (including eye tubes) 180 mm (7,08 in);
 - Width (fully extended) over the prism house - 180 mm (7,08 in), and underneath of the objectives - 205 mm (8,07 in);
 - Weight - 1277 gram (2 lb 13 oz)
               4. Other Information
The binocular is in original leather case. It has 2 yellow - greenish filters (the plastic bag never was opened).
Inside the cover of the carrying case is mounted an original binocular' s strap (Pict 1).
The binocular is in a new condition. It looks as it was never used, including filters and binocular strap.
We have sent a request to Nedinsco Venlo Company for a technical details of this model. 
 Production number 3561 N.                                       

Nedinsco 7x50 green;10%

        Pict 1; Nedinsco Venlo Nedelta 7 x 50 in our                      collection; © Anna Vacani

Nedinsco 7x50 green left plate;8%

                    Pict 2; left plate; © Anna Vacani
Nedinsco 7x50 green;15%

                  Pict 3; right plate; © Anna Vacani

Nedinsco 7x50 green vert;10%

       Pict 4; Nedinsco Venlo Nedelta 7 x 50 in our                      collection; © Anna Vacani







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