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                                                                                               Pathescope Model IMP 1935              Pathe - Model designed by British Pats
                                                                                               Pathe Baby 53                                 Pathe - Model Pathe-Lux version YD
                                                                                               Eumig Super                                    Pathescope Princess - 1959
                                                                                               Pathe Model Marignan


Pathescope IMP 1935
In 1934 the new British
IMP - IMP-r-o-v-e-d projector superseded the Kid projector. The projector remained in production until 1937.
The projector features:
- Finished in smooth black enamel;
- External pulley/flyweel - extension of the camshaft - this makes a rear mounted motor attachment possible;
- The gate could be totally opened for cleaning;
- The barrel shutter;
- Supper Attachment - motor 1,5A /;
- 12v 6 w lamp;
- 300 ft spool.
Made in England


Pathescope IMP 9,5mm for web






Pathe Baby 53 /
The smaller and cheaper version of Joinville projector.
The projector features:
- Variable speed 12-24 fps;
- Lamp 120v/ 300 w;
- 400 ft spool;
- 35 mm focal lens;
- 120 v motor;
- Double claw movement;
- Three blades shutter;
Made in France.


Pathe Baby 53 9,5mm for web






Eumig Super 9.5 /
Lens: HERMAGIS Paris Magister 1:1.6 F=35 /
Production No: 9386


Eumig Super 9,5mm No 9386 for web






Pathe - Model - Marignan 
Made in France / 220v / Production No: 020544


Pathe Marignan 9,5mm No 020544 for web






Pathe - model Designed by British Pats - Made in France.
The projector features:
 - Power 110 v.
 - Motor type ‘C’. 
 - Lens without description.

The silent projector.

Serial No 83253.



Pathe Baby 9,5mm 40% No 83253 (5) for web






Pathe - model Pathe-Lux version YD
The models ‘C’ and ‘D’ have a special gate, made from steel. The YD gate is removable. It takes Baby cassettes and 300 ft spools.
The projector is hand turning and drive by motor 110v as well.
The lamp is 80v 100W.

The projector is fitted with the notched mechanism.
The lens: Pathe 1:1,9 F=35 mm
Made in France. Serial No 031001YD



9,5mm Pathe-Lux versionD No031001YD (2) 12% for web






Pathescope Princess
The projector was made in England - 1959, by Pathescope (Great Britain) Ltd, London, N.W.2. It appeared to the market for sale in October. The advertisement of the Pathescope Prince camera and the Pathescope Princess projector for sale was placed in the Amateur Cine World (ACW)magazine, in October 1959; as the newest items.
The projector was priced for
14.14.0 with the motor and Colotar lens; 11.11.0 hand driven model. Our projector is fitted with the Dallmeyer lens and it was priced 16.16.0.
The projector is in our family since December 1959.
The performance of the projector is very good and for its low cost, the machine was very popular.

The body
The projector is of quite new pressed steel design. The front plate of the projector is made of high grade stainless steel that does not collect heat but reflects it and therefore keeps the film guide way cool. The pressure plate, the edge guiding pins, giving good wear resistance. The rear half of the body is finished matt black inside and out and it conversely readily radiates heat away. It is important as there is no ventilation.
- Lens
The lens mount is carried on two long arms hinged on blocks attached to the front plate and can be swung wide open through some 180 deg. for really easy cleaning of the gate, and for swinging out of the way during rewinding.
                         Pathescope Princess 9,5mm; 9%
                     Pict 3 ; Lens and gate; © Anna Vacani
The lens is Dallmeyer Projection, no 437880; F = 1 1/2; the aperture of the lens is f2.1. The lens mount diameter is 22 mm. It is helical focusing  used via the groove in the lens barrel.

- Lamp
The lamp a 22 volt 25 watt Osram Lamp, marked P.R.I 22V, with the Pathe pre-focuse type T-piece cap, is fitted into a holder. A highly polished metal concave silver reflector at the bottom of the holder and a thick condenser over the lamp are positioned closely to the lamp.
Using the low voltage and wattage lamp, enables stills to be projected without the need for forced cooling.
The switch button - on/off is placed on the lamphouse back plate.
                                       Pathescope Princess 9,5mm; inter lamp8%
                                       Pict 4; Projector  lamp.;© Anna Vacani

- Power
The projector motor is a 200/250v, 50 watt; unit of a brushless synchronous type, which is suppressed. A built-in switch is situated under the motor housing and is easily accessible(Pict 2&5). The mains connection is via a small polariased two-pin plug, enabling it to be connected up, if the projector was bought as a hand-turned model and the motor added later. The motor has to be oiled via two oil hole. The two other points, on the projector require lubrication - the oil hole in the front plate and the at the rear of the main body.
A handle  driving wheel is provided for single frame projection and to facilitate hand turned continuous projection - in hand driven model (Pict 5). The still picture use is not recommended on black and white film, as it contains silver emulsion, and can burn film, if left too long as the still picture. The transformer is connected to the motor (Pict 1). 

- Sprockets
The projector mechanism does not use sprockets. Film is fed to and from the gate by a pair of spring loaded rollers mounted on short arms fitted to the spool arm bar. Spring rollers take all irregularity of the film take-up.

                                            Pathescope Princess 9,5mm; side 8%
                                            Pict 5; Sprung rollers ;© Anna Vacani

- The film loading
The “Princess” will accommodate 30 ft to 400 ft spools.
The instruction book of the projector gives easy guide of film threading: “Mount the feed spool on the top feed spindle with the film coming off the rear of the spool. Thread the film under the rear roller and over the front roller assembly. Than unlock the gate and lens housing. Then place the film in the guidway and thread it under the front roller and over the rear roller of the lower ‘flotating-action’ rollers. When the film is lying between the six studs mounted on the guidway, the gate can be then closed. Thread the film on to a take-up spool, making sure that the film takes up under the spool, and place the spool on the take up spindle.” The tension on the drive of the take-up spool is adjustable by moving the wing nut on the shaft pulley.
The motorised continuous projection begins with the assumption of three belts: one from the motor (Pict 6), second one from the motor’s wheel to the hand wheel (Pict 5) and the third take-up belt should be fitted from behind the ‘hand wheel’ to the take-up spool and twisted (Pict 1 & 5). This belt can be transferred  to the upper spool spindle for rewinding.

- Tilt
The rear leg of the “Princess” tripod is adjustable for tilting the projector. The legs are removable for storage.
Silent projector
The projector measurements: 15 1/2 inch (393,7 mm) high; 6 1/4 inch (158,75 mm) wide; 6 1/2 lb (2.94 kg) weight.
Production number -  RP 95 724
The description is based on partially on ACW test report; instruction book and our experience.


Pathescope Princess 9,5mm; 10%

  Pict 1; Projector & access.;© Anna Vacani
Pathescope Princess 9,5 mm;11%

    Pict 2; Projector ;© Anna Vacani

Pathescope Princess 9,5 belts;8%

   Pict 6; Motor belt ;© Anna Vacani          






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