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Meopta 1947 - 1954 ;                Kodascope Eight Model 80 1934     


Meopta 1947 - 1954
The projector was produced in Czechoslovakia by Meopta, Brno, Czechoslovakia. The first models of 8mm projectors were made before nationalization of the factory and were sold under the name of the manufacturers: J.Suchanek of Brno.
Next, at the beginning of the production in 1947 this model of projector was named - Atom 8 and was made with black wrinkle finish.
The projector was renamed  Meopta, and made in badge colour. It was advertised in October 1953 in Amateur Cine World (in our collection).
The projector is small of unusual box-form design; the body is constructed of two separate parts - L-shaped. The upper part is moving up and down. The adjuster is located at the base, die-cast construction.
The projector features:
 - Lens: Meopta Polar No 036301; 1:1,6; F=25mm; the lens is bloomed;
 - The gate and lens on the front of the projector;
 - the lamp  110 volt 200 W lamp;
 - Projector suits a.c./d.c. motor, and has eight tappings for mains input from 115 to 225 volts on internal resistance; A.c./d.c. motor, wound for 115 volts;

                      Meopta 8mm; lamp res15% Prod No51053464

 - Special type of double switch positioned in mains cable to machine; Motor can be run without lamp on, for rewinding;
 - Transformer in die-cast base feeds lamp and motor;
 - Lamp and internal resistance cooled by fan;
 - The single 10 tooth sprocket on the side of the box; fixed guide roller retainers on sprocket, which film meets twice, before and after gate; Gate out of line with sprocket, film passing in drunken loops between them, which though is unconventional by no means in the film industry;
 - Fixed optical centre framing, by moving claw mechanism, (in the front, above the lens);
 - the projector takes 200 ft spool capacity;
 - Spring belt-driven take up; Power rewind by belt change;
 - Three bladed shutter; fast pull down;
 - In 1953 price of the projector was £25;
Production No 51053464


Meopta 8mm;10% Prod No51053464

         double switch on the cable

Meopta 8mm;15% Prod No51053464

Meopta 8mm; with light10% Prod No51053464

                      Lamp on  






Kodascope Eight Model 80; 1934
The projector was made in America by Eastman Kodak CO. Rochester NY, and was available in Britain - supplied by Kodak Ltd. The production begun in December 1934 up to July 1936. It was priced £ 33 in 1935.
The first English review was poorly written in May 1939 in ACW.
The body is combination of die-cast and sheet metal construction with bronze crackle finish. Weight ca 9,5 lb (4,30 kg).
The projector was supplied in a carrying case, with spare spool and accessories, including an oiler - our projector does not have any case.
The projector features:
- Lens: 1 Inch f2; made in USA by Eastman Kodak Co. Rochester NY. ; Focussing by an lever on the projection lens;
- Lamp; pre-focus 300 w 110 v; P28S Base, English reference A1/6; Wattage of lamp should correspond with name plate on machine; On our projector:
                             Kodascope 8 model 80; 8mm; plate(2);8%
- Twin coiled-coil filament; Fan cooled lamp;
 - The projector has controlled speed and adjustment for various voltage; The machine can be used on internal resistance A.C. or D.C. of voltages 100 to 125,  or with external additional transformer or resistance up to 250; A Limited range of adjustment is obtained by removing the lamp house and adjusting an internal resistor;
 - The motor series wound for 100 v. and movement is only forward, but gives mechanical rewinding; Spring belt driven take up; Power rewind by clutch on projector; no reverse;
     Kodascope 8 model 80; 8mm;interior&lamp;9% Internal mechanisms & lamp                    <----->

 - Two 8-tooth sprockets with fixed plate retainers; Single claw; Non optical framing; Book-form gate, hinged inside; rear gate plate removers for cleaning; Easy threading and free access to the film;

 Kodascope 8 model 80; 8mm; gate 8%

 - Three bladed shutter
 - Starting and stopping is by means of a push through pear switch on the supply cord; It controls motor and lamp;
- A lever for stationary pictures; The projector does not always stop with the picture showing on the machine, but it can be found easily by turning a knob on the side of the projector;
         Kodascope 8 model 80; 8mm; start&(2);10%
 - Spool capacity 200 ft - original Kodak spool on our projector (right picture); All Kodak spools before the war were made only 200 ft. In 1940, Eastman Kodak introduced their first 8 mm machine taken 400 ft spools;
 - The leveling screw on the projector base;
 - 17 places on the projector which need oiling; 5 holes is on the projector top with oil pipes underneath;
Serial number 1414


Kodascope 8 model 80; 8mm;9%

Kodascope 8 model 80; 8mm;8%

Kodascope 8 model 80; 8mm;Lubricating holes8%














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