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    Keystone Model A9 1948    Stewart Warner Model 531 B 1931   Pathe Super spare parts   GiC 16 -1948


Keystone Model - A9 - 1948

The camera was produced by Keystone MFG Co. Boston Massachusetts. The body is built up from aluminium alloy, covered with dark brown synthetic leather - leatherette. Dimension: 60 x 230 x 140 mm; weight ca 2 kg.
The model is rare comparing to model “A9 Criterion”

 - Lens: Cine Raptar Wollensak - Keystone 1 inch f/2.5, coated ; Standard C mount lens; Fixed focus lens; Turning the diaphragm collar on the lens, changes the amount of light admitted to the film and corrects for prevailing light condition;
 - Exposure guide is over the camera lens, when in Criterion model it is on the camera side;

Keystone 16mmModel A9 No J10862; 40%

 - The camera may be operated at seven speeds (bottom button in the right top picture):
          - Low speed          -  10 fps (unusual speed);
          - Normal speed       -  16 fps;
          - Sound speed        -  24 fps:
          - Slow motion         -  64 fps;
          - Intermediate speed - 32 - 40 - 48 fps;
 - The camera takes 100 ft of colour or black and white film  double perforated;

      Keystone 16mmModel A9 No J10862; 35%           Keystone 16mm Model A9 No J10862;10%

 - The footage indicator - when all the leader is used up, the register will read zero, which means the film itself is now in the aperture and the camera is ready to shoot; The footage register lever is inside of the film chamber:

Keystone 16mm Model A9 footage register lever No J10862, 80%

 - Audible signal - each time after one and one half feet of film used a soft signal rings and reminds the operator to shoot the proper film footage for the scene;
 - Viewfinder 1’’ with a mask for the 3’’ telephoto lens;
 - Continuous running - pressing the start button (below lens plate) and turn it either way until it catches in the locked position;
 - Single frame exposure by sliding the single frame button (over the speed button) upwards for each exposure;
 - Tripod socket 1/4 inch width t read;

Production number: J10862

Keystone 16mmModel A9 No J10862;(2) 35%

Keystone 16mmModel A9 No J10862;(3) 35%





Stewart  Warner Model - 531 B - 1931

The camera was produced by Stewart Warner, Chicago, Ill, USA.
The body is built up from press steal with crinkle black paint finished. The chamber’s base is finished in engine turned pattern.
 - Lens can be setting for: - cloudy f 5.6; - Dull f 3.5; - Dist. f 11; - Bright f 8; - Clear f 6.3; It is unusual mechanism, adjusting lens and turning ring the size of the aperture is
is changing in the metal cover of the lens. The lens is in a special Stewart Warner mount (bayonet mount), and is interchangeable.

                                  Stewart Warner16mm Model 531B No32121X; 10%  Stewart Warner 16mm Model 531B No32121X (3)20%
 - Four speeds: Low; Normal; Talking picture speed; Slow motion; Speeds from 8 to 64 fps;
 - Normal running only, no single frame exposure;
 - The footage register lever is inside of the film chamber. The footage counter showing the amount of film used, when the film is finished the ‘end’ word appears.

                                  Stewart Warner 16mm Model 531B No32121X 50%

 - The camera takes 100 ft of  film  double perforated; On the cover plate is printed the full instruction of downloading film
 - Tripod socket 1/4 inch width tread;

Production number: 32121X

Stewart Warner 16mm Model 531B No32121X(2) 40%
Stewart Warner 16mmModel 531B No32121X-cover plate 20%
            Cover plate





GiC 16 - 1948
The camera was produced by GiC, in France for the English market. The letters GiC are an abbreviation of - Groupement Industriel Cinematographique. The Company was established in 1940s. by Marcel Beaulieu, before he became a founder of the Company ‘Beaulieu Cinema’.
The designer of that camera was Marcel Bonne who established SAFAC LB Corporation in 1950(Société Anonyme de Fabrication d'Appareils de Cinéma); he was the maker of the MOVIREX movie cameras. The body of the GIC and the MOVIREX was the same in the same shape.
The GiC was built in three cameras in the same body design: 8 mm; 9,5 mm; 16 mm. You can see the pictures of them:
 Camera features:
The camera has  very basic features. It is visible that it was produced just after the war.   
- Construction and finish: The body is die-casting with green-brownish wrinkles finished and with chrome plated some parts and polished aluminium edges.
- Type of loading and transit mechanism: the camera takes the spool of 50 ft. In the film chamber is single sprocket film feed.
The camera runs at one speed only 16 f.p.s. Continuous running, no still frame release;
- Motor and mechanism: Spring motor, winding key does not rotate when the camera is working; clock winding.
- Film counter: the camera is equipped with very poor film counter (picture 2). It is difficult to see properly how much the film was used. The footage register lever is inside of the film chamber (Picture 3)
- Starter button: is situated at the right of the camera body, by the plate of the exposure guide;(Picture 4)
- Viewfinder: Optical direct vision viewfinder with mask for 50 mm telephoto;
-  Lenses:
 the camera is fitted with lens - SOM Berthiot Paris No 715881; Cinor B 1: 1.9; F=25; ‘C’ - mount lens. It is focusing lens.
- Dimensions of the camera: weight - 1208 gram (2 lb 10 oz); height - 6⅛ in (155 mm); width 2¼ in (57 mm); depth (only body without lens) - 4 in (102 mm);
 - Exposure guide, in English language, is fitted under the lens. (Picture 4)
The camera is fitted with an English tread tripod bush.

 GiC 16 No 51512; 8%  GiC 16 No 51512;back side 8%  GiC 16 No 51512;sprocket 8%
    Picture 1                                             Picture 2                                        Picture 3
Production serial number: 51512

GiC 16 No 51512;side 8%
            Picture  4

GiC 16 No 51512;side 2 8%

              Picture 5





Pathe Super 16 mm
The camera was produced by Pathe, in France for the English market. The camera was bought for some spare parts.

Production number: 7531

Pathe Super 16 No7531;15%








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